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I will use my background as an accountant to cut waste and inefficiency to ensure that we are protecting education funding.  We have to make sure that our children have the resources they need to reach their full potential. If we rely on temporary fixes and half-measures, we are not going to help everyone.

We need comprehensive education reform so everyone has a chance to succeed and no one is left out. Rather than focusing on plans and program that have political subtext and loaded meanings, let's just fix the schools. Period.

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If we are going to effectively address the problems facing our state, we have to put an end to the culture of corruption in Springfield.  Legislation aimed at job creation, economic development, and education reform has to address the peoples' best interest. If special interests and powerful insiders continue to write the laws and prevent bills from seeing the light of day, then we will never fully address the problems in Illinois. I want to change the way we do things in Springfield and abandon the politics of the past.
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We have to balance the budget and stabilize our state's finances by cutting waste and streamlining our limited resources. We need to have a system in place that determines the value of every dollar that is spent. I have been talking about a new kind of politics since I joined this race in October and I am committed to bringing more accountability to Springfield.
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Unemployment is a serious problem right now and we have to do more to create jobs. This has been my number one priority since I started this campaign in October of 2009. Lower unemployment will improve the quality of life for working families and strengthen the economy overall. My plan to create jobs in Illinois and jumpstart our economy has three parts.
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